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My [community profile] parallelsfic letter! *tries to tempt people into signing up again*
Last year's. In which the prompts were lengthier and better. :s

Dear Author/Artist/Vidder,
Hello! Here is some general stuff about me. I'm a big shipper, as you can probably tell from my requests. Obviously you don't have to write/draw/vid ship stuff; if I ship some characters, I'd be pleased with their more platonic interactions too! I don't have an upper limit on the work's rating. I would prefer no noncon or AUs with completely different settings.
Sorry if they seem like they're phrased as fic requests. If some of the detail isn't applicable to your medium, don't worry about it.
You're the best!

Edit: Wah, sorry, I accidentally specified 'fic' for one of the fandoms but I didn't mean to. I tried my best to provide info for any medium I nominated and I really do want to receive any of the things I specified!

Animamundi Dark Alchemist
Francis Dashwood, Georik Zaberisk
Fanfic, Fanart

I ship Georik/Dashwood like the burning fires of Hell. Given how Dashwood's end goes, you may need some sort of magic/Hell-dwelling/AUing/timeline shenanigans to make this ship work.
I've sort of assumed that you're okay with shipping if you've signed up for this given the nature of the game, but if you'd prefer to keep Dashwood's love for his Master sadly unrequited like in canon, that's fine too!

Hotel Dusk
Kyle Hyde, Brian Bradley
Fanfic, Fanart

I'm a sucker for cop partners. I'd like something about their relationship (as partners, friends or more). It can be from pre-game when Bradley was still around or something about Kyle Hyde's feels afterwards. I'm very fond of Rachel if you want to include her as, again, friends or something more.
I've played both games, so feel free to use any characters or settings that come up in either.

Muv Luv
Fanfic, Fanart, Fanvid

I'd like something of any of the nominated characters!
Games: Ayamine/Class Rep would make an excellent antagonistic ship in either universe. They should just give up on Takeru and get together, is all I'm saying. As for Mikoto, I'm interested in his/her gender disparity between universes. Explore it or mess with it - I don't rightly mind. There may be implications for her romantic relationship with Takeru in either universe, so you could explore that too.
Anime: Stella and Tarisa are great and basically anything about them would be awesome because we all need to take a break from Yuuya's angst.

Shingakkou - Noli Me Tangere
Neil Lowell, Michael Levi
Fanfic, Fanart

Neil was definitely my favourite character in Shingakkou. I instantly liked him as the bad kid smoking in the library, but then grew to appreciate his real personality even more. His playfulness and kindness are the best things about him, not to mention his quoting of the Lowell family creed. Fic-wise, something set after his ending would be perfect. Their relationship wouldn't be easy in that time period, but I think it's probably just about the cutest thing ever.
Just note, I've only played the base game and read a little of the manga.

Tiger & Bunny
Keith Goodman | Sky High
Fanfic, Fanart, Fanvid

Sky High is adorable, earnest and just really good. I would ship him with basically anyone. Ship-wise, my first choice for him would be slash, but het is fine too. I just like to see him get a little out of his depth or act like the dork he is.
I had a hard time choosing whether to nominate Sky High or Rock Bison, so if you'd rather get your Antonio on, go for it. I feel similarly about him when it comes to shipping too (ie. with anyone). Seriously, this show is like the launcher of a thousand indiscriminate ships for me.

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