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Yuletide. \o/

Dear excellent anonymous person,

Firstly, thankyou for your potential fic! My general stuff is the same as last year. I'm fine with any rating although I don't want noncon to be a main (or graphic) thing. I'm also not the hugest fan of hurt/comfort.

The fandoms:

Animamundi: Dark Alchemist
If you've elected to write this fandom, I'm going to assume you're cool with writing yaoi/slash. I'd really like some Georik/Dashwood, getting as graphic as you're comfortable with. As for the when or how, I don't really mind; any timeline you like, or some crazy hybrid one. I guess I should mention that dubcon is fine in this fandom (and mentions of noncon), given the Georik/Dashwood scene in the Hellfire Club and the general goings-on there.

Hotel Dusk
I'd really like some Kyle and Bradley slash or friendship fic (although it can be angsty 'friendship' of course). One thing I'm keen on is some pre-game gritty 70s cop stuff from back when they were partners, before or during the Nile investigation. If not, I'd be happy with some fic about Kyle angsting over Bradley, during or post- game. I've played Last Window, so feel free to spoil anything you like from that.

Mass Effect
I'm possibly a rare (female) creature, playing through first as male Shepard. It was through my paragon male Shepard that I first grew to like Garrus. In the first game, he's trying to be a hardass and by the second game he actually IS one. His morals are so... questionable, with his love of righteous killings. I just really like him, okay? Soo, I'd like either M!Shep/Garrus or, if that's not your cup of tea, friendship. I just ask that Shepard be fairly paragon, because that's how I'm most used to seeing him.

Through the Night
I want a tale of bromoeroticism (duh). Perhaps an episode of this imaginary buddy-cop show, set before the accident/shooting. I love my police and crime media of various kinds - two of my requests this year fit into that category and two last year - but I loooove camp buddy-cop antics. I'm sure you don't need a terribly complex plot, because obviously I'm not expecting a novel or anything! If you're stuck for ideas, just a snippet of an episode would be fine. Go as slashy as you like.
Just for reference, Rick is the blonde mulleted one and Chance is the dark-haired one.

Thaaaaaaanks and happy holiday season!

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