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My letter for [livejournal.com profile] parallelsfic/[community profile] parallelsfic. If you're interested, it's an exchange of fic, fanart and vids for fandoms of Asian origin. It works much like Yuletide: you pick four fandoms (and characters therein) to request and offer at least four, then the magical script assigns you a match. The list of fandoms and characters that were nominated are here. If you like at least four of those, you should have a go!

Oh, and there are some spoilers in the prompts under their fandom headers.

Dear author or possibly artist,

General stuff first! I've appended most of my requests with other suggestions, including characters I didn't tag. This is in case you're thinking 'well damn, I actually don't want to write/draw that.' So please be assured that I would actually like to receive anything I list and it wouldn't just be 'settling for it'. What else? The rating of the finished product can be as high as you want/need. Actually, explicit fic is encouraged! But if that's not what you want, it's all good.

DRAMAtical Murder: Trip, Virus
The Trip and Virus ending was GLORIOUS. The inclusion of their Allmates really was the icing on the cake. Please ice the Trip and Virus cake for me further. You can invite Aoba along if you'd like, but he's not necessary. How can anyone resist their friendly neighbourhood Yakuza not-twins? If you want more prompting that that, well... how about documenting their Aoba-stalking job? I wonder if they actually have spare time.
If you get stuck, I'd also be very happy with Noiz/Aoba. Although let it be said that I don't approve of Noiz going to Germany to make up with his abusive family and losing all his piercings, so please pretend that never happened. D:< His piercings are one of his best features.

Hotel Dusk: Kyle Hyde, Brian Bradley
I love basically everything about Hotel Dusk. Tone, setting, art, KYLE HYDE - I needn't go on. Please capture Kyle Hyde's noirish manpain for me. You can probably guess from my other prompts that I am a fan of slash, but when it comes to cops I will settle for bromance too. If you choose pre-game fic, please write about them being 70s New York cops and having gruff manly feelings. Alternatively, I would like fic involving Kyle being sad about Bradley but getting on with things. I really like his relationship with Rachel - I think they make really adorable friends. She's so good to him. :'( You could write friendship fic of them and I would be perfectly content. As long as it retains some manly angst. ;D
Oh, I've played Last Window, so feel free to include anything from that.

Persona 3: Arisato Minako, Kirijo Mitsuru
Mitsuru is so mature and smart. And hey, she is also hot. That voice (Japanese, although the English one is decent). Those boots... ...ah, sorry, where was I? Oh yes: I'd rather like her paired with the female protagonist. I really liked playing 'Minako'. She seems quite upbeat and maybe a little bit cheeky. She's also an adorable little thing with GIANT POLE-ARMS. Anyway, I think they make a mighty fine pair.
But if that's not your bag, I'm pretty easy. Feel free to venture beyond the character tags I selected and give me Shinjiro/Akihiko or Shinjiro/Mitsuru/Akihiko. Or Minato/Bebe or Minako/Saori. Or explicit Minako/Ken. :D I'm a big P3 shipper.

Persona 4: Dojima Ryotaro, Seta Souji
Dojima! I'll just go on about him for a while, and hopefully it'll result in a prompt. First of all, I love cop characters and the various tropes associated with them. In this case, that he's the gruff, workaholic sort with 'a past' that influences him to neglect all else. His social link ends without him ever catching his wife's killer, so perhaps you could expand on that storyline for me. I don't necessarily mean he has to bring the killer to justice; he may one day choose to stop looking or something. Whatever it is, tell me how he deals with that chapter of his life being over. What else is awesome about Dojima? I'M GLAD YOU ASKED. I really like his resolve, deciding that he does enjoy his duty as a detective. He wants to protect his new-found family.
Speaking of which, I've chosen the Souji tag too. I ship them, but I realise this is not to everyone's taste so if the idea squicks you, don't worry about it. I know it's an uncle/nephew pair and the power dynamic of such a relationship invites this, but I'm a little sad that a bunch of the Dojima/Souji fic on AO3 seems to be... exploitative. He can be blunt and/or surly, but I think he's always kind. He'd probably feel guilty about the relationship at first and he would make sure Souji really is okay with it. *ahem*


This letter is open on DW but locked on LJ. And a prompt may be changed depending on the Signup Summary the day before it closes...