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Oh boy, why did someone have to start the letter collection post before nominations even open? I seriously would have restrained myself... no, really. Anyway, here is this year's Yuletide Letter!

Dear amazing Yuletide participant,

I'll start by thanking you for being cool enough to want to write in at least one of these fandoms! 8D I also thank you for my future gift.

I figure I should list some general likes and dislikes which may be helpful/inspiring. I got a bit explainy with the dislikes, just so you know where I'm coming from.

Non-exhaustive List of Likes: Darkness, sweetness, serious business, hijinks, well-executed crack, fem/slash, smut/porn (if a kink's not in my dislikes, it's probably cool), UST that gets resolved :P, character-driven plot, episode related.

Dislikes and squicks: Graphic noncon: the mention of noncon and graphic dubcon can generally be okay. Certain hurt/comfort: I find it creepy when a relationship/sex is initiated after a character has suffered something quite damaging. Details about pregnancy: actually a squick of mine but mentioning it, especially as it relates to canon, is fine. Far-fetched AUs: as in totally different settings, not just plot details happening differently.

Obviously you're not obliged to ship characters that I request if it's not your thing! In that case I'd be pleased with just friendship.

On to my gushing and flailing about specific fandoms! Please note that I've marked spoilery prompts, so anyone reading through, including you, can avoid those ones.

Breaking Bad
Gustavo Fring
Gus is undoubtedly one of my favourite characters in anything ever. I didn't even have an inclination to read Breaking Bad fic before he came along.
I'm still wondering if the show itself will delve further into his past now that the DEA are unravelling all his business associations. It's pretty obvious that he was probably connected to the Pinochet regime in some way. Maybe it's just a family connection or maybe he was in DINA himself (although he would have been quite young indeed). I'd enjoy some pre-show fic in Chile or Mexico; feel free to interpret Gus and Max's relationship any way you please(ie. slash is quite welcome). Alternatively, the things I'm interested in during canon are his feelings about and the fallout around the 'box cutter' event as well as an idea of how he generally lived. He supposedly had children, but from 1989 he was a man driven seemingly by his business ambitions and his revenge motive, so I wonder where that family fits in... if they even exist.

Sean Kennedy
Ash Morgan
I didn't really ship Ash/Sean until I read it... then I fell hard. There really needs to be more. So much more.
I thought I might do some non-specific gushing about the characters and pair, but if you're not keen on writing it feel free to glean from it what I like about their friendship too. xD I think it's cute the way Ash grew to like Sean in the process of mentoring him and generally showing him the ropes. While Mickey dispensed much advice, it was Ash who had to do the babysitting... and who knew when Sean was ready. Sean's not very specialised, so I'm pretty sure he thinks Ash's ingenuity is magical. Or at least something he could learn.
Here is a specific and silly idea if you're stuck: In season 7 episode 5, Ash hit his head and briefly couldn't lie. This is basically a fanfic device conveniently provided by canon, right? Or what happened after the series ended? Did they become the Magnificent Seven, or do they have... *gasp* normal lives?
I love Emma so if she pops up, please be nice to her! As nice as the show is, at any rate. Actually, I like everyone. *helpful* I don't mind a bit of Mickey/Emma either, canon UST or otherwise.
PS. All the episodes are available on youtube, if you need a canon-refresher.

Midsomer Murders
John Barnaby
Ben Jones
DCI Barnaby the second needs some fic love too, no? This is the one I have the least idea about, really. I'd like some slash of them, otherwise just some general colleague/friend stuff. If you write slash, I don't really have a preference for what happens to Mrs Barnaby... maybe she doesn't know, maybe she's cool with it, maybe she doesn't exist. Now I feel terrible for saying that because she seems nice. :'(
Since the most recent episodes (start of season 15) are most fresh in my mind, I've thought of a couple of prompts from that. Jogging didn't exactly work out for either of them; perhaps Sarah pesters John to take up something else with the hardly-as-fit-as-he'd-like-to-think Jones. Mystic Mags predicted that Jones would get lucky with a colleague that weekend, but perhaps it was not to be Kate after all. Another gruesome little village murder is always good, too. xD (One wonders how there's anyone left in Midsomer.)

Martha Costello
Caroline Warwick
Firstly, I have never seen any Silk fic, so I'd be overjoyed with basically anything. I would be overjoyed and a half if that fic was Caroline/Martha.
I hope you'll agree that these two are total BAMFs... in different ways, of course. Martha's an idealist and Caroline's somewhat jaded, so together they make a... whole balanced awesome? Their relationship is an interesting one. While they're not exactly buddies, they seem to have some kind of prickly yet mutually respectful professional relationship. Martha even flirted with Caroline found out Caroline is canon!bi after they first met, much to my glee. I'll be terribly excited to see what happens now that Caroline is at Shoe Lane Chambers.
I also just realised my gushing description misses out on their flaws and dark sides entirely, yet these are the things that make them most interesting. They're both extremely competent and intelligent women with Shit To Deal With, and I'd be interested to hear about it. In other words, don't think you have to make it happy. As far as my pregnancy squick goes, mentioning Martha's feelings about hers is fine.
BUT ALSO, there are a few other non-requested-character things I'd be pleased to receive in case you're stuck or bored. Niamh punishing and/or getting back at Clive (interpret this as naughtily as you like), new boy Daniel with Martha, Caroline generally being her bad self... Daniel/Clive, if such a thing could work.

Last year's letter.
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