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Just watched the new Being Human and it was great. (I'm not going to spoil anything, don't worry.) Haters gonna hate, but I adore the current cast. I actually prefer the current trio to the originals and I don't mind the change in tone that the show has gone through at all. I'll say this - I love how death/killing is such a frequent occurrence in the show but it's usually done in a way that still manages to shock and surprise me.

I've also been seriously game-binging and have finished KOTOR and KOTOR II (restored content mod). I think KOTOR II is the superior game despite the rushed and cobbled-together ending that is severely lacking in some explanation and detail. I think the story was better (although not more cohesive) and the squadmates overall were far more interesting.

After starting to watch Carth's flirty conversations with the female protagonist of the first game, I went right off him. Ugh. I couldn't keep watching, so maybe it gets less awful... Meanwhile, Bao-Dur was not a romantic interest in the second. :0 I was surprised when I read that. I'd take him over any of the others for sure.

ANYWAY. I have new Being Human, Death in Paradise AND Silent Witness to follow on the BBC at the moment. 8D
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I haven't written many fannish things in a good long while. Well, here's something.

I recently started playing Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic. I'd first had a go some time ago, but I obviously wasn't in the right mood because I abandoned it quickish. I vaguely remember being annoyed by combat and a perceived infodump, but I didn't have that problem at all this time.

I'm playing a male character, as I often do. I have no idea why but often when I play a male, I feel like I can make my true choices whereas when I'm female, I tend to get a bit more badass/daring/less compassionate. You're welcome to make up a theory for that, because I seriously haven't a clue. XD

I'm enjoying the ragtag bunch of misfits in my party. Bioware is always good at those. I formed an immediate attachment to Carth, due to him being voiced by the same actor and serving a similar role to Kaidan from Mass Effect. Kaidan was my canon!Shepard's romance (which consequently leaves me full of feels for him), but he was also a genuinely good character and I always hated disappointing him. Similarly, I don't want to act in a way that meets with Carth's disapproval. Not that I do very often - my character is already ridiculously Light.

Anyway, KOTOR is good so far, even though I'm not overly fond of Star Wars. I think I'll have another go at Jade Empire in the future too.


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