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Hello dear Yulefriend!

Sorry if you saw this while it was still a WIP. I just finished it off when I saw assignments had gone out.

Firstly, thank you kindly for signing up to write in any of these excellent fandoms. And thank you in advance for your fic!

I don't have a lot to add to what's already in the prompts. I thought I'd just tell you some general stuff here.

In almost every fandom I've requested, I've nominated two characters that I ship together. Optional details are optional, so if you're not into shipping I'd be totally happy to have them interacting in a platonic way.

I like:
Angst, tragedy, fluff, comedy, sexual tension, porn, not-porn, character-driven plot.

I dislike:
Graphic noncon, mpreg, extreme/far-fetched AUs (eg. coffee shop AU).

I hope you have fun writing. :3

Animamundi Dark Alchemist
Georik Zaberisk, Francis Dashwood
I ship Georik/Dashwood like the burning fires of Hell. Given how Dashwood's end goes, you may need some sort of magic/Hell-dwelling/AUing/timeline shenanigans to make this ship work.
I've sort of assumed that you're okay with shipping if you've signed up for this given the nature of the game, but if you'd prefer to keep Dashwood's love for his Master sadly unrequited like in canon, that's fine too!

Hotel Dusk
Kyle Hyde, Bryan Bradley
I'm a sucker for cop partners. I'd like something about their relationship (as partners, friends or more). One thing I'm keen on is some pre-game gritty 70s cop stuff from back when they were partners, before or during the Nile investigation. If not, I'd be happy with some fic about Kyle angsting over Bradley, during or post- game. I'm very fond of Rachel if you want to include her as, again, friends or something more.
I've played Last Window, so feel free to mention anything you like from that.

Psmith - P.G. Wodehouse
Rupert Psmith, Mike Jackson
I love all the Wodehouse books I've read, but I particularly enjoy Psmith. Maybe it's because I particularly enjoy stories about boarding school hijinks and I have a soft spot for charming troublemakers, but Mike and Psmith immediately became some of my favourite characters ever. I ship them, but I also love their deep and everlasting friendship that endured despite (or because of) their difference. I've read all the Psmith books so I don't mind where along the timeline you write the fic.

Tiger & Bunny
Keith Goodman | Sky High
Sky High is just too adorkable and earnest and a total ditz. If you're willing to write ship fic, I'd ship him with anyone; my first preference would be slash, but I'm fine with het too. Because our lesser heroes get less screen time, there's plenty we haven't seen of Keith. Like what he gets up to in his off-time, if he ever hangs out with the other heroes, why he's such a workaholic who patrols by himself at night, or even how he got into the Hero business.

AO3: spring_gloom

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This is my Rare Pair Fest letter!

First of all, hello to the person assigned to me! Thank you kindly in advance for writing me some fic. :3 This letter doesn't have much in it that isn't on the AO3 form, just some general stuff as well as some links at the end.

I like:
Any rating you're comfortable with writing (ie. porn is good, so is not-porn). I enjoy both 'getting together' type fic as well as established relationships. I room in my heart for angst and fluff. This has probably been monumentally unhelpful because it is so unspecific. :P

I dislike:
Straight out noncon (dubcon can be fine though), pregnancy, needles... foot fetish? And complete AUs (eg. coffee shop AU). That's all I can really think of.

I feel like my prompts really aren't very good! Especially my woefully short Tiger & Bunny one. If you live for specificity and want a better idea of what I like, you can peruse this tag for previous challenge letters I've posted. I have both Persona 4 and Tiger & Bunny requests I've posted before.

Persona 4
Dojima Ryotaro/Seta Souji
Hanamura Yosuke/Tatsumi Kanji
This probably sounds odd given it's an incest pairing with a large age gap, but I ship Dojima and Souji/Yuu (I don't really mind which you use when writing) in a way that is as un-creepy as possible. I guess I mean that I don't want noncon or exploitation of Souji. By no means think that I only want happy fluff though - it could be a situation that induces guilt or general feelings of wrongness for either party. At the end of the day, I think Doujima is a good person and I like him to be portrayed as such.
As for Yosuke and Kanji, I'm interested in this ship because of Yosuke's incredibly defensive attitude and homophobia. My own headcanon is that Kanji is just whatever-sexual, but he gets pissed off when people make something of it after his Midnight Channel ordeal. Yosuke probably makes the most digs at him out of anyone... or at least the worst ones. In the context of this ship happening, I think he's like that because he's repressed and/or scared. By the way, I have played normal Persona 4, Persona 4 Arena and am in the process of playing Persona 4 Golden. I don't mind spoilers for the latter at all, I just may not understand a reference to it.

Mike Jackson/Rupert Psmith
Billy Windsor/Rupert Psmith
Mike and Psmith are just a glorious pair. Fic from any point along their timeline would be good. They seem to understand each other despite being so different.
Billy Windsor is kind of an American Mike replacement, so my basis for liking this pair is kind of similar. Okay, that's a bit unfair because I do think he has a personality all of his own. In fact, I am a great fan of his personality as well as the hijinks he and Psmith get up to. They make an excellent team.
I'm not really sure what to say for these ones because they both seem to be pretty obvious ships that are just extensions of the platonic relationships of the books! With the added problem of having a homosexual relationship in that time period.
Feel free to combine these in some way... like Mike being jealous of Billy or vice-versa. Or not minding!

Tiger & Bunny
Rock Bison/Wild Tiger
Sky High/Rock Bison
Sky High/Wild Tiger
Bunny/Sky High/Wild Tiger
You may have noticed that I like Sky High. I just want to ship him with everyone due to his earnestness and slight naivete. And also 'cause he's cute. The only real specification I have is that I don't see him taking a leading role in the relationship, which I mean in both a G-rated and E-rated way.
As for Rock Bison, I think old friends/drinking buddies thing he has going on with Wild Tiger would make for a pretty chill ship.


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